Backup Drivers Easily for Free


Looking for an easy way to keep your Windows drivers when rebuilding your computer?

The new Drivers Backup does it all & MORE! Using powerful detection techniques, Drivers Backup will save you TIME and stress when reinstalling your operating system.

Drivers Backup uses an easy and intuitive interface to help you backup and restore all those valuable drivers that you installed over time.

Did you ever get a computer virus which caused a total system re-installation?

Do you remember how stressful it was to look for all those CDs or websites containing drivers for your printer, monitor, sound card or webcam?

Did you have to pay for downloading the drivers again from drivers websites?

Now you have an easy solution to avoid all those problems: Drivers Backup.

Simply create a backup of all the drivers installed on your computer, or select only the ones you want to keep – with the click of a button you’ll have them safely stored and ready to restore when needed.

Here are some of the great features included in the software:

  • Easily select only specific drivers that you want to backup, or include all of them.
  • Create a backup file and store it securely
  • Restore drivers with a single click
  • Quickly install the same plug-in components on multiple computers – you only have to install them on a single computer, then transfer the drivers with a single click

Backup EVERYTHING in seconds!

Download Device Drivers for your hardware at

Grab your Drivers Backup copy instantly and never lose any drivers again:

Purchase and download

Payments are 100% secure and a download link is delivered instantly, so you can start right away! Drivers Backup only costs $34 for a lifetime license, including support. You can purchase from any part of the world.  We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as purchasing by phone. You can also use PayPal for payments. All your private data is secure and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Click here if you prefer to download a limited demo version